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For more than twenty-five years, independent filmmakers Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto have been making critically-acclaimed films that have screened in theaters, film festivals, museums, and communities worldwide and aired on PBS, Showtime, Sundance, and Britain’s Channel Four, (among others). Their filmmaking philosophy is to take alternative looks at stories, themes and characters and to tell specific stories from which audiences can generalize universal truths.
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Hacker House

A feature documentary work in progress


Hacker House follows three ambitious, talented migrant entrepreneurs – two from Spain and one from Turkey – who have launched startups in Silicon Valley, the Mecca for high tech dreamers from all over the world. With a failure rate of 99.6%, their chances of survival are minimal, but each of them is willing to risk everything in order to chase their dreams. Remarkably, their families support them. Hacker House provides an urgent and timely new perspective and counterpoint to Trump’s America, which paints a vastly different portrait of the value and fortitude of migrants today.

Funded by

The ITVS Diversity Development Fund

Key Credits

Director/Producer/DP/Editor: KENJI YAMAMOTO
Writer/Producer: NANCY KELLY