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For more than twenty-five years, independent filmmakers Nancy Kelly and Kenji Yamamoto have been making critically-acclaimed films that have screened in theaters, film festivals, museums, and communities worldwide and aired on PBS, Showtime, Sundance, and Britain’s Channel Four, (among others). Their filmmaking philosophy is to take alternative looks at stories, themes and characters and to tell specific stories from which audiences can generalize universal truths.
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Startup Embassy

A feature documentary work in progress

STARTUP EMBASSY follows three entrepreneurs who, like thousands of others worldwide, are pouring into Silicon Valley with visions of the success of icons like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. After two of his startups failed, Carlos de la Lama Noriega (Madrid) founded a very special hacker house that offers an affordable, supportive community to hopeful residents like Habibe Turfan (Istanbul) and Lucas Gozálvez (Seville). Their chances of success are minuscule and during their quests, each of them suffers painful disappointments, risks financial ruin and endures extended separations from family. This moving story explores the human cost of pursuing your dreams.

Note: The term hacker is most commonly used to describe someone who breaches the computer systems of governments or corporations. But that is far from its only meaning. The hackers of STARTUP EMBASSY are motivated not by the desire to steal and destroy but rather by the desire to succeed in the high-tech world through clever, constructive work. These hackers program computers, creating code for software, apps and websites, for example, the apps on your phone, websites, and browser were all made with code.

Key Credits

Director/Producer/Director of Photography/Editor: KENJI YAMAMOTO
Writer/Producer: NANCY KELLY

Funded by

The ITVS Diversity Development Fund
Silicon Valley Foundation
San Francisco Foundation