Kelly+Yamamoto Productions | Kelly+Yamamoto Productions | A Cowhand's Song
Explores the sometimes heartwarming, sometimes harsh realities of family cattle ranching in the American west. Co-Produced and –Directed by Gwendolyn Clancy and Nancy Kelly, Cattle Kate Communications.
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A Cowhand’s Song

©1981 — 29 minutes


This evocative documentary contrasts the traditional lifestyle of family cattle ranchers with their sense of disenfranchisement from American society. With its graceful images and emphasis on community, family, and continuity, A Cowhand’s Song makes a strong case for the preservation of a traditional way of life.


• Red Ribbon, American Film Festival
• CINE Golden Eagle Award
• Best Agricultural Film,
Zaragoza Film Festival, Spain

Key Credits

Writers, Directors, Producers: Gwendolyn Clancy and Nancy Kelly
Editor: Kenji Yamamoto
Production Company: Cattle Kate Communications

Primary Funders

• Cal Humanities
• Nevada Humanities